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did you just write ADAM Ball?
correct this please. ;s

Taylor Momsen: I'm Not Miley Cyrus!

@gossip girl fan she is naturally blonde. not this shade though, a darker one.


i'm from Poland. and most people i know hate these stupid readers. although, i do admit, that one was one of the worst... but i'm still excited it's going to air in Poland! i was worried that it's not going to happen.

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Dare to Dair?

lol i am so late to the party tbh

anyway, wanted to ask you: do you guys still have ship wars or has it blown off finally?

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a topic of mild importancy

What? Eric H

he's bob.

don't question it.

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the end of gg

how do you imagine gossip girl will end?

also omg, i haven't been here for so long.

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