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Justified Review: Crowder Complexity

This show is a good as it gets. FX and AMC are putting out the good stuff :)Thank you!
I'm watching less and less of the "big" three as their shows are just a waste of time. Even shows with potential, like Revolution, they find a way to screw up. I think it's the writers.


Great show for 7-12 year olds.

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Bang Stick

Done with this show. i won't bother to record it next season. just a waste of time to watch. It jumed the shark when they took kono in her bikini from the opening credits.
just a waste of an hour.
I'm getting very good at just NOT watching shows that are hard to get thru just cuz they are on and I feel like it's a show I "should" watch or "should" like.
I find I'm not missing anything and there's plenty of quality shows to fill up the DVR :)
Mike and Molly have been added to this list of shows I'm no loner watching and the Broke Girls are coming soon unless it gets funny.