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Psych Review: Lassie in Love

Yes yes yes!!!!! I love Carlowe !! I love ur review and agree totally with it. I think Lassie in love is adorable. I loved Gus saying Sooookie is mine lmao!! And their costumes what a hoot! Juliet is so great to put up with these guys lol
Ohhhhh and Woody and Shawn trying out nicknames the laughs were endless tonight.
Great episode again loving this season

Sons of Anarchy Review: Tales of Heads

Another awesome episode!! Soo very sad RIP Piney :( I cried!! Poor Opie Clay has taken sooooo much from this poor man makes me wonder whats going to happen when this comes out I dont think Opie will be very forgiving..
I hope Clay gets his in time, he is very cold hearted man its scary.
Great season once again

Once Upon a Time Review: Believe in Magic

Loved it !!! Beautiful scenery costumes were gorgeous!! Very excited for this new show I hope it continues to make us all believe in happy endings :)