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Dang it Ashley....now I'm going to have to go back and watch season 5 again. I scared and feel bad for Juicey too. He's just lost and pitiful. When Jax told Juice to kill that girl I knew then Juice would never regain his name in SAMCRO. Jax showed us then that he didn't have any respect for Juice. Tig is a close second.

I want Jax and Tara to be okay, but I know they're not. One of the best things about this series is watching them fall in love. I love how he will do and has done anything her. Heck.......I fell in love with him and he a fictional character.


@Rowdy, I forgot about the Outsiders. I was thinking Soul Man.


Last night was a shocker. Jax is getting darker and darker. By the end of the season he's going to be Clay. I know Nero, Gemma and Chibs knew Jax was lying, but he was so convincing. That's when I knew he was going "bad".

Poor Juice, now I wish they would have killed him. I can't stand to see him being used this way. He may try to kill himself again, and succeed this time around. Tig......go ahead and turn him over to Pope's right hand man b/c Tig is being treated like shit too. Jax talks to him any kind of way. It's sad.

Nero is going to break away from SAMCRO. He has to. Hopefully he'll see Gemma for what she really is.

I don't know what Tara's plan is but she has something up her sleeve. I don't think it's divorce, but who knows with Sutter. I just want her and Jax to be in love again.

I think something happened to her in jail. The brother had Otto raped he may have had someone rape her. That may be why she didn't want to see Jax and why she was crying when they were making love. The rape angle is just a hunch.....don't hold that against me. Calm down!

Just wondering......They don't think the police will find it odd that the school shooter's mom is missing.......IJS