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Miss the old posters from the past. Everyone just sitting and standing around in a room and making hot looks into the camera.

90210 Season Three Report Card: C

Please C is still a nice rating for this show considering the bad acting in this show by almost every character. The handling of Naomi's rape was an insult to real victims. She was raped got a bit crazy and drunken and few episodes later everything is okay and shiny world. Totally handed the wrong way. So was the Teddy gay plot. I don't even start about the uselessness of Shenae Grimes' character. Also it's not true GG is less viewed then 90210. While more people watch 90210 on tv. Only a few of GG viewers watch directly in tv but more through internet. GG is always first ranked by iTunes after an episodes release also on sides like tvDuck it's always in top 3 while 90210 is somewhere from 40st place. Also don't place GG on the same level with 90210. While GG has intriguing character with developments and OMG to WTF storylines. 90210 is still stuck where they were from the beginning. Naomi was the bitch from season 1 until now, neither there's any change in her even after the rape. Dixon, Navid, Silver are also the same. The only one who developed was Teddy. And also @ Aria better ratings has nothing to do with a show's quality. Reality tv and talk shows also have high ratings but they're still stupid and making stupid.

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