About me.... Well, I usaully work about 18 hours a day, but I always try to steal a few hours a day to watch some TV or a Movie.

I like shows that challenge your imagination. Something that provides a great escape from reality. I prefer books to TV but never seem to have the time to read, or even to listen to the audio version.

I hate Reality Shows. The way I see it, if I want reality, I'll grab some popcorn and set my chair in front of a window...

With TV / Movies, the further it is from my reality... previding a greater escape, the more I like it... usaully.

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I do agree with free opinion, "BUT" the title of this site IS, TV Fanatic...
Which would lead me to believe the this is a site designed for "FAN'S" to follow updates on their favorite show's.
At least that is why I am here. Now, I would imagine that there are sites that are designed for personal opinions, and yes, followed up by reasonable arguments. Sites like "rotten tomatoes". Now, please don't mistake my point here, I am NOT choosing sides here, and I do enjoy a good debate, it challenges our intellect and opens our eyes to a larger point of view. The world needs debates... However, I just don't believe that is what this site is for... But I am new here so I could be wrong. If I am wrong, then I would like to apologize now, because sense I do not believe this site was meant for this, I will not be commenting any further on this topic.


I'd say their looking for more "White Oak". Considering that their is only one stake left, and the Evil Vampire Slayer has it...
When the car smashed and went over the side of the bridge, it would have knocked plenty of debris make of white oak into the water... So there should be more then a few Original Killing stakes at the bottom of the river. ( I do apologize if a form of this thought was already posted. I did start to read the previous comments, but they were mostly so far off topic, that I lost any interest in reading them.)

ABC Axes Six Shows

They really need to put "V" back into production