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not them. gosh.ew.
i can't stand both of them together!
nate and blair or nate and serena. that's how it's supposed to be. :p

"Pret-a-Poor J" Episode Recap & More

i really love c & b but will it be not as exciting as before if they end up as official couples?
nate and jenny are so not working out.
totally not a fan of it.:p
i know all ChAir fans(i myself am included)would probably stone me to death with what i'll say, but i don't know why i like blair and nate! i mean, i really don't know why.:p

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Pret-a-Poor-J (Season 2)

oh my god.

i love chuck and blair but some people here are right. if they get together, it would be awkward coz we have nothing else to look forward to, right?? we should admit that the whole chasing thing between them makes this show tick!:))

oh and what was that all about with nate and jenny?? i mean, i have nothing against nate(coz he's totally smokin hot) but jenny?? isnt that illegal or something? it's totally uncalled for. ew. peace.:D

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