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I was actually quite impressed with the pilot. I was flipping through the channels about 15/20 minutes into where the teacher and Sterling are out in the hallway at school and he's asking her to tell him what really happened. (Ended up watching the first 20 minutes when they replayed it right after lol!) Carissa: I totally agree with you that the rich boy (Trevor, Trent? something like that) and his dad are clear red herrings. Also, I like your comparison to Crash. I can see this series similar in that at the end, people will want to buy it on DVD and watch it again because the clues will be so obvious at that point! One of the aspects that really impresses me about this show is the extra goodies AMC gives you on its website. As of now, it's not much, but there is some cool stuff. Again, I have a feeling that there are TONS of clues presented here that will only make sense in the end! My only complaint? It's on so late!... but I guess that what DVR is for, right? :)

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