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Scandal Sneak Peek: I Hate You!

OMG... I can't wait! This show is freakin' awesome, and the actors are sooo good. Soooo looking forward to new episode this week :)

Hart of Dixie Review: Here We Go Again

Oh wow do I ever agree! I am so hoping there won't be another Zoe and George pairing...maybe it's because I so loved Zoe and Wade together, thinking of her with George just seems boring...darn.

Scandal Review: Sleeping With The Enemy

OMG say it isn't so... Three weeks hiatus!!!?? This episode sea AWESOME!!! Sooooo good :-) what the heck is Jake up to? I find myself routing for him and not trusting what the heck he's doing all at the same time. How hot were he and Olivia together!? I've always love Olivia and Fitz together, epic love story, but Jake is giving him some good competition! Really loving David as a part of the team... I hope that keeps up! Poor Huck, that guy goes some serious crap. I'm enjoying Quinn in her new investigator role...oh heck I basically have nothing but luv for this show and this episode as usual was jaw dropping, suspenseful and frackin' awesome! Well done, very entertaining!! :-)