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To Amanda: You seriously named your children after Booth & Brennan? Wow, that is devotion to your show. And here I thought I was a hard-core fan. Kudos to you.


I absolutely loved this premier! B&B are back! That was definitely worth the wait.

B&B were so sweet together, but still "real" - still the same people. It will be very interesting to see how they work out their philosophical differences to raise their baby together.

Speaking of babies, could baby Hodgins have been any cuter?! I just want to pinch those little cheeks! Jack & Angela are terrific parents.

The case was a bit of a let down. As soon as I saw that psychologist smacking his gum, I knew he was the killer. But let's face it: no one was watching for the case this time. I do hope the producers/writers can find a balance between the actual cases and the characters' personal lives.


Favorite scene: I'm with Jim. The concurrent conversations between Kate & her therapist and Castle and his mom. Seemless, and revealing. I also liked the argument after the kiss. I'm with Castle on that argument - he only kissed Serena to distract her - like Kate told him to! Did anyone else see the similarities in the way he grabbed Serena to kiss her and the way he grabbed Kate last season?

Martha's meddling: Any mom would want her child to be happy. And while he's not with Kate, Castle is not happy. It would be foolish of her to try to persuade him to forget Kate entirely, but she doesn't want to see him put his whole life on hold.

Kate's mixed signals: It didn't seem like Serena was getting any mixed signals. She could tell right away what is going on with Kate about Castle. She did seem to send mixed signals to Castle: she told him to take Serena out, then got mad when they kissed, then told him it was up to him whether to pursue a relationship with Serena.

I think she's more afraid that Castle won't wait for her. If she were afraid that he will wait, she wouldn't have been as upset about Serena.

Esposito a shipper: Definitely yes! He's been nudging them together since way back when she was dating Det. Demming. Lainey has been a shipper since the very first episode! And Ryan would be more of a shipper too, I think, if he weren't focused on his own relationship. As far as the Captain, I have no idea if she's a "closet shipper" as Jim suggested. I have yet to see her display any positive or pleasant personality trait at all.