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Grey's Anatomy Midseason Report Card: B+

I want merder to get zola back - they are the perfect family!!
and I've never seen mer so happy as she is when shes with zola and derek!
I want sloan and lexi back together once and for all!!
and I want alex to FINALLY have someone in his life for the long haul!!
He does so much and cares so much about everyone else he deserves someone to care about him and be there for him too.
Hes had so much bad luck in love the past few seasons eversince izzie left its his turn to have love now.


OMG I was SO SO HAPPY with this eppy!!
with DAIR!!
I have been a CHAIR addict since day 1 but when they broke up for the final time and stopped being together I kinda gave up hope.
And now dair has happened FINALLY!!
I STILL LOVE my CHAIR but I wanna see dair now. we all know chair IS endgame but its time for dair.
and serena messed with dan ENOUGH ben then nate SHE DOESNT DESERVE DAN.
or anyone.
especially dan.