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The X Factor Review: Thankful For Wild Horses

Josh always very wonderful voice but sometimes a little too "Joe Cockerish" to me ... Rachel needs to go into acting, what a face that child has! Melanie beautiful voice, no one can sing like her but let her sing something relevant. Marcus nice job but we need to see you move. Young Homey has become so absolutely CUTE but can't sing! Lakoda ... lovely girls but is that why they are there??? Drew is so different than all the other contestants, just let her sing L.A. and shut up. Drew is Alannis M. in new form ... she is premiere style. Leroy can sing really well and is a hunk to look at but are teenagers going to buy his music? And Astro is too young to be on this show. He has his feelings hanging on his sleeve and is going to be crushed if he is not chosen as the winner. Can someone say ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! L.A., maybe that is who you should talk about instead of all the other singers. Paula is always relevant and Nicole is a sweetie but thanks, Simon, for standing up for your girls! You are the best!