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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 84

Sometimes... you just have to get away with the girls.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 76

V: I should really do the right thing and stop recording... wait a second... when do i ever do the right thing? MWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA *happily carries on recording*

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 76

V: *recording Nate, Serena and Tripp having a threesome* ...This is so wrong, yet so right.

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The Main Character?

I think the show is fairly spilt between them. I think the reason Serena gets more shown is because more of the other characters are related to her. 

For example, Lily and Rufus. Aaron, Poppy, Georgina. All of them relate to Serena and her life. 

Blair only has the girls at school (which Serena takes over at one point) and had a bit with the Duke etc. And her mum is only featured occasionally and when she was she was more forced with Jenny and dun dun dun... Serena. 


I do sometimes feel that GG is the "Serena show" because most things relate to her or bring her into the story, but Blair has always been my favourite :) 


I also read the books and Blair is defo the main character in the books. Its funny, I love the books although chuck has a very tiny role and is EXTREMELY gay. Its funny how the relationship between chuck and blair in the series is COMPLETELY different from the books - LOL. 


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Perfect song for chair (Music)

I agree With Me is the ultimate Chair song :)

BUT I also think Shattered by Trading yesterday is my favourite song for them.

"And I've lost who I am

And I can't understandWhy my heart is so brokenRejecting your love"

^Always makes me think of when blair told chuck she loved him and he said, "well thats too bad" 

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