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Blaine in Action

I can't wait to watch him do "Something's coming" even if his rendition was not his best till now. Watching him perform doesn't fail to make me happy so I'm really looking forward to it!

Glee Episode Promo: The Return of Shelby!

A boot camp! I can't wait!
It's going to be hilarious, I'm sure.


I am surprised at the number of comments about the premiere being boring. It's surprising because I didn't find myself bored at all in contrast to my reaction to many episodes of Season 2. I think they are back to basics. This episode gave me the same feeling I had when I watched the first season. A well structured episode after so many nonsensical tribute episodes. I loved how the songs fit the storyline, the appearance of Blaine at Mckinley (even if I must admit that his motive for the transfer is not one any responsible parent would accept unless there's more to it and we'll see that later in the season??? One can only hope!), the funny lines and the not so excessive drama (how can't you like Hummelberry?). I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this Pearce girl's acting is somewhat lacking. I haven't watched The Glee Project (I have no taste for reality shows) so I this is the first thing I've seen of her and so far I didn't like her much. She has a great voice, yes, but she didn't convince me. I really loved the premiere. I really hope the entire season will be as (or more) entertaining as this first episode.

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