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NCIS Season Premiere Review: His Navy, My Team

I absolutely loved this episode. As for some people believing the team wouldn't have been concerned about Tony's "mission", after watching his car explode when Director Shepherd had him on a secret "mission", I can understand why. As for using Kate's sister - made sense. Secrecy was necessary to Gibbs, and Tony seemed comfortable enough with her. And Franks having the low-down, or at least a file, on the "8" - not surprised. He was suspicious of anyone with too much authority.


I don't see the Burke marriage as cheesy. Lord what a nasty statement. I'm beginning to believe Neal doesn't want to run, but is playing along with Mozie. His feelings for Sara are going to get in the way of his running. In the end, his words to Scott will be echoed in his own actions ... It wouldn't be WC w/out Neal ... he won't run.


My hubby is away so we ahd to chat about this show via BBM. First off, my husband doesn't care for blondes, so EJ had a strike against her from the beginning. He says her mouth is too big too. But the point is, we don't like her in our household and the flirting with the suspect in interrogation took the cake. She can leave now ... if she's not the killer! And btw, why didn't Ziva take out after the mystery drink provider in the end? Mossad training should have kicked in and ... well I think she would have reacted differently if this were in the early Ziva years. Yes, T&Z's green eyed monsters were in full action tonight. Can't wait to see how the writers string out this arc. Bravo!! (And loved PaulyP tweeting throughout the show too!)

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