Hey guys,

I'm a eighteen year old Pittsburgh girl who loves her Gossip Girl. Well, obviously, I wouldn't be here otherwise. I've never missed an episode. Ever. And I require complete silence on Monday nights. I even go as far as to switch off the only thing I love equally, my iPhone. No one is allowed to talk to me from 9-10pm.

I love dissecting the show, analyzing it here and sharing my thoughts on Gossip Girl Insider. Sometimes rating GG, following its every zinger, gets in my way of just simply watching and enjoying...but what fun is mindlessly doing that, anyway?

Like most of you Chuck and Blair are my favorite couple, and I love squealing like I'm ten every time they canoodle or say sweet things to each other. Go ahead, judge me. I bet you all do it too. ;)

I'd like to believe, one day, in real life, Ed Westwick will dump Jessica Szhor (that will be the happiest day of my life) and he'll marry me. I'm crazy in love with him and his sexy voice, and the fact that he's British? Extra points. Even though I'm straight as an arrow, I also have a major girl crush on Blake Lively. I'd go gay, but only for her.

I'd love to debate with you on any aspect of the show, talk to me!



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I could care less for Vanessa, honestly, I feel like it was inevitable since the viewers don't seem to favor her. But I don't want this to be true; first off, unpopular opinion, I love Jenny. I always have. Thus far, I'm not fond of Charlie, but we'll see where the story goes. It has potential, but for some reason the actress portraying her just annoys me a bit. Just my two cents.

Now That's More Like It

They had her dressed relatively classy, but still sexy in tonight's episode, and now this? Ugh, Serena, if you really want your professor to believe that you didn't send the email soliciting sex don't dress like this. It's rather simple, girlfriend.

Juliet is Still There

She has no style. It's like the costume department didn't even think it over.