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Has Hollywood degenerated to such creative sterility and barreness that re-boots are the only thing they can come up with???? Actually thinking ANYONE could step into Angela Lansburys' iconic Jessica Fletcher or Raymond Burrs' equally iconic Ironsides is bad enough. All of the fairy tale drivel that abounds is just as pathetic. I loved Charmed in its original incarnation (especially after Doherty left) and watch re-runs quite often. I'm glad the original ladies aren't thrilled either. No damned wonder TV viewership is in the dumpster.

Covert Affairs Review: A Monster or Two?

OK--I've pretty much had it with this story line. I do not like the resurrected Annie, I do not like the empty, soul-less caricatures the writers have turned ALL of the characters(even Auggie) into and I am REALLY tired of Henry and his ugliness. It's bad enough knowing there are MANY "Henrys" in our govt...I just don't need one in my face in what WAS one of my few guilty pleasures. Maybe I'll check back in at the season finale to see if it's still the same grim garbage....then again, maybe I won't.

NCIS Review: Farewell to Ziva

OK, I now officially owe the writers an apology....although it IS a temporary aberration, I'm sure. The last episode with Tiva was just right, perfectly scored and directed and left the door open for the future. Gibbs' face at the end was unsettling, since we aren't accustomed to him getting the short end of a battle that way. Must say I really enjoyed Fornell getting a "memento" of the altercation....was Gibbs' aim off or was Fornells' butt in the wrong place? Either way, it was a great story arc and put Tiva to rest, at least for now. My only concern is if the writers put Tony back in his juvenile persona, post Ziva. Hope not--I really like the depth shown by Weatherly in this one.

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