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The Best Buddies on Television in 2014

Where's Neal-peter(White Collar) &the Winchester brothers?!?How could you not include them here!!
Anyway,from the list-Steve and Danno is my all time favorite!


Good episode but not great like the episode The Fall.They tried to
cramm too many things within 42 mins.The rumple storyline was resolved
way too quickly and abruptly.I really would have loved to see the
sisters defeat hans & anna's wedding but i think the time constraint
didn't permit that.The flashback wasn't that great either,i expected a
more grand entry of the villain trio.The most disappointing aspect of
the peisode was how they resolved the whole robinhood-marian-regina
triangle thingy.I hope we will get to see more of robinhood in
future.That being said,this episode also had some great scenes-I loved
the ending,the final belle-gold confrontation,henry finally finding the
author's home,hook-emma reunion scene,elsa and anna final goodbye scene
from storybrooke,all the scenes featuring regina(Lana is such an amazing
actress)!I can't wait for the next one although the wait till march is going to be tough!


I'm almost always right regarding TVD spoiler speculation.If i have learned anything from this show for all these years,most of them will happen.Watch this space.