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Only 2.5 for that amazing episode? I loved it!


1.Steroline are great as BFFs,nothing more.They have zero romantic chemistry.
2.Kat graham did amazing work in Season 6.She deserves a major SL which doesn't involve being a mere plot device to the Salvatore brothers & their endless problems.Bring back Lucy Bennet.Remember her writers?
3.More Defan-It's all about brotherly love.
4.Keep Matty Blue away from the screen as much as possible.Even as a cop,he's or will be still useless & boring.Why didn't he go away with Tyler/Jeremy will always remain a mystery to me.What's keeping him in Mystic Falls really?
5.More Material for Alaric & Enzo.They both got resurrected for this crap?Not fair.
6.Proper casting of the Heretics.It will make or break Season 7.
7.More backstory of Mama Salvatore.Some flashbacks would be great.
8.No more Romantic triangle,EVER.

Hannibal: Canceled After 3 Seasons!!

I really hope Amazon picks it up!