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Glee Review: Going Gaga!

The argument between Finn and Kurt was not played out well at all. Kurt has been creepy ever since he orchestrated his dad and Finn's mom dating. This climatic scene totally made Finn look like an evil guy and he's not. His whole life is being turned upside down and he's being pursued by someone he's not interested in. That by itself would be bothersome; but to find out you're now going to live with that person and share a room with him is too much. Yes, saying faggy was disrespectful. But he didn't call Kurt a fag, which would have been much worse and I think warranted the dad's wrath. But Kurt has gotten away with manipulation after manipulation. As a gay man, I was excited to see how Kurt's character was initially being portrayed. Now he's nothing more than a conniving and manipulative stereotypical gay guy.