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I'm so happy the bride is Robin. Quinn and Barney never had a scene like the one Robin and Barney had last night when he checked that she was okay with him being engaged. Ever since Zip Zip Zip I knew Robin and Barney had something special. I never could get behind Quinn or Nora, they were nice enough but not meant for Barney.


*Continued. She obviously wanted to use it against Blair at some point so to be shocked that Blair would be angry about that is stupid. The only time I kind of liked her character was when she was with Nate but of course she f'd that up. Last I love bad a$$ Lily. She rules!


I was quite happy with the finale. Blair summed up exactly how I felt about Dair and Chair. She said Dan was her best friend and I loved that about them and I rooted for them to be together but she also said been the happiest with Chuck and those two still give me butterflies. I loved both couples so I am sad that Dair didn't get a proper send off, but Dan was deleting emails from Blair so something must have happened off screen. As for Serena, I always hated her character. Since Season 1 she was a righteous cow. I didn't like Dan's character for a long time because of them being together and him liking her and the best thing he ever did was get over her. I am glad she has lost everything because she deserved it. People can say that Blair stole Dan but Serena had many chances when Dan was pining over her but she had to choose someone else. Dan and Serena had been broken up for a long time and Dan persued Blair more than Blair persued Dan so I don't think it justifies Serena scanning Blair's diary.

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