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2014 Golden Globes: The Nominees Are...

I think you meant Don Cheadle for House of lies and not House of cards?

Grey's Anatomy Review: Moving Forward

Great episode but I am a big confused
Meredith, Mark, Dereck are attendings right? so Arizona in addition would have made it 4, so when the board lasdy says "the minute Robbins boarded the plane they violated the policy, well no, the policy was already broken without Arizona, so I ma not understanding why the board lady is saying that.. any ideas?


OMG I so disagree, the return of the show was SO BORING.. Dereck was so tanned he looked like he has spent 3 week in Hawai instead of the woods.. Yes Mark's death was sad but the flash backs didnt really add anything to the show. I wish they had killed Owen instead. An then of course DRAMA in Arizona/Callie couple. Rhimes can not make those two happy for very long, not sure why she wrote a gay story line only to show them in pain. Now that Mark is dead, she had to cut Arizon'a leg! come on... I saw previews of next week episode and I think they should have started with that one as an opener to keep the intensity as its peak. Lets hope it gets better.

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