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I think he's going to stay too, and she's definitely keeping the baby. I don't think the baby will be born next week. I see her being in labor and the show letting us hang!

Royal Pains Review: Hello, Freedom

I completely forgot about Boris warning there would be people in the family unwilling to accept a new heir to his empire, so that story line is going to be interesting to follow! I can't believe the new season is almost over already. At the rate things are going now it's going to be a pins and needle kind of season finale I'm sure! Love Ed Asner and I'm so glad to see him again. This role is perfect for him! He and Evan are going to be terrific friends, and the interaction between him and Henry Winkler is fun to watch!


Definitely Nico! While the flirting with Dani and Matt is fun, I think things with Nico would be a lot more intense and far more interesting!
And yes, NR 1001, I agree about TK. He does make for some good laughs, but an episode or two without him would not break my heart!
I enjoyed last night's episode, but it didn't grab my attention as much as the other's have.

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