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NCIS Round Table: Did Gibbs Keep It Real?

The SHOW versus the TELL of Ziva actually makes Ziva's fire problematic: effectively her fire was that of Icarus and the writers, and Shane Brennan are to blame for that.
I wish we'd seen lots of Ziva as shown in Dead Man Walking and less of super mossad agent. The reason for this comment here is that Bishop is about the same age as Ziva was when she first appeared and the fire, and skill set, has been discussed in various forums and it's like Gibbs and the impossible year of 1993.
I, for one, wish that if the writers are going to address a little quirk like sitting on the floor to placate fans, they would also address some of the issues that still plague us by not glossing over the horrendous tropes that surround Ziva given who often the character is said to be an example of a strong woman.
I readily admit to being on of the vocal critique's of Ziva, and I fully expect I will get piled on with comments about it's only TV but what we see constantly pervades our understanding of what is acceptable. .. So, I wish we'd see Gibbs finding out about Ziva'a actions in Aliyah and address the fact that violoence against another person is NEVER acceptable.....


Me, I see it as the problem stems more from the writers still developing Bishop's voice... Unprofessional or not, Cote's sudden, late departure just prior to start of season 11 meant they didn't have time to work out a lot about who this new character is and they've had to do that while still writing (or in season 11 rewriting) episodes.
Now we are starting to see Bishop develop, or find her voice.
As to thr complaint anbut Bishop one upping everyone umm... Ziva, with the impossible skill set anyone.
Looking forward to seeing Bishop start being able to get out from under Ziva's shadow.


No, what I can't get over is the fact that people seem to think the character laudable and that she should be with Tony: fictional or not, it is the idea that that sort of behavior equates to love.
That is a poor mesage embedded in a popular show. ...
Also, Cote didn't sign a new contract, not signing till the last minute, either... Her choice: for the rest of us who have had to put up with YEARS of abuse from professed lovers of TIVA/Ziva with the underlying theme of if you don't like Ziva stop watching and b1tching and leave NCIS to the real fans... Well, if you don't like Bishop why don't you stop watching.
At least those of us who dislike Ziva kept it to a discussion of a poorly created character instead of the Zivanstics hate on the actress who plays Bishop.