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Arizona and Callie are newlyweds? Really? Because they act like friends, and not even BFFs. Callie ignored her, and Arizona happily trailed behind Mark and Callie like she was the nanny. Who is Callie married to again? Charlotte and Cooper acted like a newly married couple on PP, and these two don't even interact with one another. They got married, why again? I loved though that most of Arizona's scenes were without Callie or Mark. Thank goodness. It was nice to see Dr. Robbins again. I loved Cristina and all her Dr. Phil advice. Lucy taking the job was dumb. Is she even qualified? She's not a peds surgeon and isn't that what Arizona wrote the grant for? I hated drunk Alex telling on Meredith. She needed to come clean herself or at least I wish he would have told Cristina first. MerDer and Zola were too cute.


I think JCap while giving just her "opinion" is speaking to what is likely to come especially when you pair that with SaRa's "opinion" about not being a "hallmark" card, " setting boundaries," and her comments about how Arizona might be feeling (none of which sounded good). Their issues are not over. They will be in post trauma, post wedding euphoria for a minute, and then reality will kick them in the head. They haven't resolved their issues (the main one being Callie's creepy codependence on Mark by allowing him to be a third member of her relationship). Now that the baby is here, that will cause issues (probably because of Mark and Callie bonding even more over the baby). Anyone who has kids knows that it's stressful, and if you have problems, they'll get illuminated when you're sleep deprived and frustrated. I can totally see them all having varied ideas about parenting, and Arizona getting frustrated by it all, and pulling back especially if she feels she's not heard or listened to. Also, if Callie doesn't act like her wife and her child are her priority, and still acts like Mark is her boyfriend and its her responsibility to keep him happy, and treats their family as if it's a polygamous one rather than recognizing that Arizona and the baby are her immediate family, while Mark is extended family, then there will be issues for sure. Arizona didn't want to feel like she was dating Mark, and she sure as heck doesn't want to feel like she's married to him.


The twins playing that baby are adorable. I doubt this is the baby they will adopt (unless this kid is around for several episodes and becomes a story line). If it's eventually this kid, I say cool. Shonda will tell a great adoption story line since she's an adoptive mother and will be totally sensitive to the topic. It won't be the ridiculousness that has been the C/M/A baby drama. The baby is sick in some way obviously, but I'm guessing that the kid bonds with Meredith unexpectedly and that affects her (e.g., makes her start thinking about adoption, especially with the Alzheimer's fear looming).

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lexie and mark or lexie and jackson (Relationships)

I know Lexie will eventually be back with Mark because that's the way Shonda wants it, but I'm not understanding the MFEO quality with Mark and Lexie.  With each break up with Lexie, he doesn't seem to try to fight for her, he doesn't woo her, instead he just watches from a distance.  Last time he ran around sleeping with anything that moved.  This time, he's not fighting for her either.  He's all about the baby, not Lexie.  If she's such a priority, wouldn't he be doing whatever he could to try and get her back in his life?  It's obvious she still loves him but instead he acts cowardly, and sends Jackson just because she brushes him off once.  He hasn't tried to have a real conversation with her.

Jackson's characterization has been really off this season, but last season we saw that he is a sensitive guy and not a jerk with women.  Even as young as he is, he comes across as more mature and grounded than Mark most of the time.  On paper, Lexie is better off with Jackson.

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Sad return of character (Spoilers)

I'm sooo sad that they are doing this to Adele.  I like her character and I hate to see her go down this path.

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Not Responsible (Episodes)

the C/M/A baby story line is ruining the characters. Ugh. It's horribly written and contrived storytelling. What a mess.

As for Meredith's fertility story line, I'd have rather seen more of that than April-Stark or arguments over amnio.  Pure silliness.


Nancy Travis was awesome in this episode though.


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