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Under the Dome Review: Thank You, Jim

I agree about Pauline's painting ability! For an art teacher, her stuff is very underwhelming. They don't do a lot of special effects in this show on a weekly basis. So, you'd think they could have splurged on the art budget for this season. I find Big Jim to be the more interesting character, probably because the actor (Dean Norris) is able to convey that he has a heart under all that bluster. More than any other character, his love for his family is consistent. He takes all manner of insults from Junior & Pauline, & it's clear he would do anything for either of them. So, he isn't a stock villain IMO. The teens have gotten short shrift this year. All they do is run back & forth, between houses, the cafe & the tunnel, conveying messages. Their characters haven't really grown from Season 1. And, I could really do without Nori's perpetual scowl. There were some surprises in this episode. Looking forward to next week's finale!

Dallas Review: A Legacy of Revenge

What a fantastic episode! Clearly, Cynthia Cidre & Company delight in putting the screws to everyone in this series. My guess for who is taking pictures is that it's a private detective hired by Nicolas' wife, Lucia, so she can get the upper hand in a divorce. I don't think the correct term to describe Pamela's action is "revenge." Her leaving Cliff in jail is IMO a matter of JUSTICE. It wasn't a mistake on Cliff's part that she was caught in the bombing. He knew she was there & ordered it anyway. She could have very well died & he was willing to kill his own daughter & grandchildren just to get back at the Ewings. This was when he was still free & the head of a multinational. So, yeah - justice; not revenge. Question: Who was the head of the cartel, the guy shown working on his tomatoes? Was that Carlos del Sol? The current cast list on IMDb is not complete. They don't even have Melinda Clarke listed. I hope it isn't him pulling the strings behind this entire puppet show.

Under the Dome Review: Through the Red Door

If you've been paying attention to the timeline of the series, it hasn't even been 3 weeks since the dome encased Chester's Mill. That's why answers to major questions weren't answered until season 2. When Barbie is walking around Zenith for the first time, I think a radio broadcast announces it's been 18 days since the dome came down. The town had to get beyond survival mode to start concentrating on mysteries. I still can't believe the arc Junior has taken. As for Big Jim, there's a heart in there. Maybe he just needs Pauline for him to find it. It was uncharacteristic for him to cave so easily to the unnamed soldier about not rescuing the whole town. Jim would have told the outside to shove it, and that he'd give them the egg only if everyone inside got out. He's that confident and ballsy.

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