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Dallas Review: Be a Better Man

IIRC, Sue Ellen reacted the same way with JR's philandering. She may have blamed it on the bottle. But, her recklessness in drinking & driving put her in the hospital several times. Maybe not an overt suicide attempt. But, a cry for help nonetheless. Pamela talks a good game. But, there's no way she could have known the paramedics would get there in time. She was willing to die just to stick it to John Ross, which is the opposite of a strong, self-respecting woman IMO. Pamela thinks she is nothing like Sue Ellen while they are more alike than she believes. If the storyline has Pamela becoming pregnant while estranged from John Ross, it would harken back to the time when John Ross was conceived. Sue Ellen & J.R. were on the outs, too, and she was with Cliff at the time.

Bones Review: Delta Force Home Invasion

I don't think so. Caroline is a federal prosecutor, meaning lawyer. Booth doesn't even have a law degree.

Grimm Review: Goodbye Sweet Grimm

This finale & ARROW's were the best of the season IMO. Both felt like they have a clear plan for every character's development. At this point, I wouldn't mind if Nick didn't get his GRIMMness back for a while because we have Trubel, & the feeling that there is a potential army of other Grimms out there desperate for some guidance. The series is called GRIMM after all; not NICK. The girl hasn't even been trained by Monroe yet. Last week, people were talking about a Trubel spin off. Kudos to the writers for showing us that her story can be told on GRIMM to parallel's Nick's development into the Giles or Obi-Wan of the show (if that's how they want to go). On the other characters, I agree that RENARD MUST LIVE. The entire royal mess needs to end with him cleaning out their houses, and raising his baby girl in a castle. There just isn't anyone else who speaks French, Russian & German that well & looks so freaking hot doing it. So, yeah, keep him. Sgt. Wu keeps getting closer to the truth. Next season is his time because maybe he can be promoted to detective w/Hank while Nick becomes acting captain during Renard's recuperation. Nick will have to step up & possibly be in a higher position of power at the Portland PD to smooth over Trubel's involvement in decapitating the FBI agent & calling in Renard's shooting. The girl wasn't wearing gloves & her sword will be taken as evidence. LOVED how Monroe & Rosalee's wedding was allowed to finish & their families were so supportive. The original dress was NOT flattering for her. Her new dress was perfect! The only plot point that felt off for me in the finale was Adalind. I know Adalind is desperate to reunite w/her baby. But, she was actually feeling grateful to Nick & Juliette at one point. She made the connection that they help the Resistance, and did a lot to keep her baby away from the Royals. She may not trust Renard. But, she should have said something to Nick about Victor's plans because she *thinks* she OWES him, Juliette, Monroe & Rosalee for sheltering her & her baby when she needed it most.

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