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"your character is often naked just at random times for no reason.” That's it exactly. It's just odd and it's almost always the same character. The producers acted like Lena was being attacked but the question was about the show and not her personally. If you're taking your clothes off on TV you're doing it to get a reaction of some sort. I guess they didn't get the reaction they had hoped for but the rage seems like an overreaction.



From reading your comments I'd say you don't think very much of Kate Beckett or the writers of the show so I don't understand why you keep watching but that's up to you.

When people disagree with you, instead of "agreeing to disagree" as someone else mentioned you keep coming back to yell (at least that's what it feels like) when people do disagree with you.

Any fan can come here and voice their opinions but (in my opinion) you're making it uncomfortable for fans to post who don't think as you do.

Again, just my opinion and I'm sure you and some others will disagree but as a lurker who has stopped posting because of these threads, I thought I'd step up and say something instead of just looking for a more friendly atmosphere elsewhere.

I hope we can all just get along, even when we have opposing opinions. I'm just asking that you pull it back, just a little. Thanks.

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It's my understanding that he made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to cure him with water they took from Neverland. Now that Rumpel is out of Pandora's box, Charming can leave Neverland.