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I think that Elena and Damon should be together not matter what. Stephen is nice when he wants to be and is truly an A ** h***. Stephen killed his own brothers girlfriend, forced Damon to become a vampire when he wanted to die in peace, and then was loved or care for more by Kathrine. Damon has lived a centery and a half all alone, searching for the women who he thought loved him, his brother getting everything he wants and abusing it. No wonder he is the way he is. Why can't Damon be loved? If Stephen truley.. truly loved Elena he wouldn't have brought her into the trouble she is in. Obviously he has a lot of fault in what going on. Obviously Klaus did not just only go to mystic falls to sacrifice Elena, her aunt Jenna, and the other person. Klaus and Stephen had a history, Klaus wanted the all gang back together. My final thought is that Elena should have a good thought on all that Stephen and Damon has done from what she had learned, heard, and experience. Delena should surely exsist. Damon and Elena together.

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