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I a not a fan of any film or television show in which people in the midst of danger put up with kids who won't obay and adults more concerned with their sex lives then the fact that something wants to eat their faces off! Give me an ever loving break. When I was a kid, if I had acted like this when my family was in danger, my mother would have taught me a quick lesson in obedience and I would have learned very quickly. And, if you have an affair with your husband best friend (cause you think he is dead), then your husband comes back (cause obviously he is not dead after all) then you move the heck on with your life and leave off bothering your ex lover! And, if the blonde chick wants to do herself in...by all means give her her gun back so we don't have to hear her whine any more! Please...I am begging you! People this stupid should never be allowed to live this long.

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