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Does anyone else think that Alex and Lexie are both going to feel betrayed by their significant other - and that might turn into Alex's one night stand?
I'm really dissapointed in Mark. I really thought he had been un-manwhored. But Izzie did leave Alex, so his cheating is a little more understandable. And given that we don't even know if they end up back together after Izzie gets back, it may not even really be cheating. At least not cheating like leaving your amazing husband, and running away so he gets to pay your 1/4 of a million dollar medical bills :p Seriously Izzie!?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Pink Slip Party

My guess is either Olivia, or the chief's assistant. They're the only two females that have been around since season one besides the ones listed - right?


I think that this is crazy! I love character driven dramas, which is what Grey's is. And, I would rather have the show end than have it last 20 years and not have our PD, or EP.
I agree with the person above said, "No Mer, no Der, no ME". I love this show, but I think poor Shonda may be freaking out a little bit! I just hope it doesn't ruin our Grey's!!!!