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@anne sorry but how on earth are the ratings up? the last episode only got 1.12 million viewers and the two episodes before that didn't even get into the millions so compared to the 3million viewers they used to have back in season 1/2 i would say that ratings certainly have not gone up :)


Sixon neeeeeds to happen again I don't care about who broke who's heart they just need to be together PRONTO


I know there's gonna be lots of Dair fans who see this and probably get angry which I apologies for! Butt I just think that gossip girl just need to stop pulling everyone along and just put chuck and blair together now cause regardless what happens, everyone knows that they're the couple who are definitely going to end up together and i'm just beginning to find this whole blair/chuck/louis/possibly dan thing boring and repetitive cause its all the show is revolving around lately apart from Nate trying to find out who really wanted him dead but no one cares anyway cause he's boring. I personally enjoy dair scenes but only as friends, i'm a big chair and derena fan but I do enjoy their scenes, I just think if it got romantic it'd get weird and i'm not sure on where the show would go from there really.
I think gossip girl writers need to come up with better story lines and stop dragging one story line out for about a year and bringing it to a very abrupt and disappointing end.