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The episode was awesome...yeah there were some minor slightly annoying stuff like the tomb vampires coming back but nothing really bad. I found it interesting and an overall good episode. I love that Lexi came back, even if it was only for a moment. And she was definitely older than Rose. And the whole compulsion thing she did to Stefan could be attributed to her being dead or something. Maybe in a way her powers got stronger or she could have had them all along she just chose not to flaunt it. Both Damon and Katherine have gotten into Stefan's mind before and both of them are younger than Lexi. So I don't find her detox Stefan scene to be that far-fetched. Oh and re-watch the scenes with Bonnie's grandmother. When she starts talking about the powerful witch on the other side and saying that the witch has to do with the originals, she has to be talking about the woman who put the curse on Klaus.

Hellcats Review: "Warped Sister"

More Marti and Julian !!!!!!!!!!

Warped Sister

I loved this episode. And Marti and Julian are awesome. I was surprised because I actually liked Deidre. Hope Hellcats gets picked up for a second season.

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