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Season was just plain too short :/
Definitely looking forward to a full season in the fall.


Every episode that goes by I love this show more and more. The characters are real and are written indepth. Just love it!

Game of Thrones Review: "The Kingsroad"

I was totally unhappy with this weeks episdoe. Last weeks was full and not rushed. This weeks was rushed and awful.
Where did they get the scene with the Queen told Lady Stark about a miscarriage of a male child etc. That was not in the book.
They removed weeks and weeks of scenes of Lady Stark by Brans bedside, with nothing to explain it, nor all that happened after the attempt on his life.
They did not explain any of Brans visions while he was unconscious.
They didnt explain any of the closeness of Jon and Arya. The scenes with Drogo and Dany were only 1/8th of the whole story between them and felt very rushed without any explanation of how they grew together etc. So it just felt like they are just giving the audience some sex for the point of sex, not the vitality it had in the book.
The scenes between Dany and her maid were not necessary either and could have been done so much better, and also not in the book, so they added things to titalate the audience and left out so much of the story. I really didnt like it this week at all.
Maybe I was expecting too much since the Author said they were going to follow the book and this episode didn’t even come close.
Tyrion was the only one faithful to the book this episode. All the others had too much left out.