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Two and a Half Men Review: Winning!

I have been a huge fan since the first show and still watch all the reruns i can. Last nights show was actually the best one of this season but I felt like i had been hit with a brick hearing the last line.....winning. Such a low blow. I don't blame Cryer....its not his fault what the writers write but it does seem to me that he would have had some backbone and tell the writers that enough is enough. Walden is such a let down for me. Seems like another Alan was added to the cast. Such a wimp. Taking the piano out was heartbreaking. Dr. ASAP was the funniest part of the show. So typical of Jake. I can't wait to see Sheen's new show next year. We'll see whos 'winning' then. Until then.......


I loved it and can't wait until next season!!!!

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