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I'm a big fan of Chair, and I make DVD's of just their scenes. I'm happy to give anyone the link to the image files if you contact me. :)

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What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

why am I always the dissenter? I swear I love GG just as much as all of you...but tonight left me with a lot of sore points! -Eric and Jenny, after essentially swearing to fight to the death, just give up and make up? TELL ME IT'S A TRICK BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE THAT CATFIGHT HEAT UP!! I'm trying to rationalize their make-up, and all I got is because Serena is in the hospital and they both are affected by her "brush with death"; but if that's the case, I needed a line from Eric saying something to the effect of "I could have lost one sister tonight, I don't want to lose my other one to something as stupid as we're fighting about"...or, you get the idea. No matter WHAT Rufus read in that letter, he would NOT go to a bar to meet a woman he met THAT DAY to discuss it. EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER. Even ALLISON would have been more likely. Or BEX for god's sake. Vanessa, I hate you. But even you are not so dumb as to believe that you really just got out of that conversation. On the same note: Dan, have the balls or the focus to blurt that out at the hospital as he's worried about Serena? No. Not. A. Chance. Hi, if Jenny's making enough money in the a month by sitting at a bar while McCreepy passes stuff across her lap to buy three bags that cost at least 1500 a piece? I'm working at the wrong bar. I grant you, Nate was AWESOME tonight. I've never said that before. I loved Serena. I found Chair sweet, as ever. I think it's GREAT the show is picking back up in terms of drama, but it seems like everyone's a little blind to some serious remaining flaws! It's getting better, but it AINT THERE YET.

Katie b
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 78

Jenny: Guys, seriously, I can only ride one disco stick at a time.

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Break it Up

Guys...not to in any way take away from the seriousness of real rapes...but you can't really call what happened at Kiss on Lips an attempted rape. Lil J was saying stop kissing her. He didn't stop, but kissing is all that was happening. All clothes were on. He didn't hit her or anything. How do we know he really would have kept going? Same story with him and Serena in the Pilot. Chuck has changed a lot since then, and he and Jenny have interacted a lot more since then as well. While "protective older brother" might be a stretch, "aware that another bad boy is messing with someone in his family and not happy about it" is not much of one.