katlyn noelle

um...im a gossip girl fan...my favorite character is chuck bass i live in chattanooga,TN...i live for monday nights
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Aaron and Serena

aww..chuck is obviously very upset..thats sad..first his mother now his father..he doesnt have anybody left..

Blair in Black

i agree with ruri avery..

C and B

very sad/sweet...

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O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (Season 2)

Omg!! this episode was amazing!!! I knew it would make me cry but I didn't think I would be practically boohooing through the whole episode..especially when Chuck cried at the end..that was really sad!!! I felt really bad for Blair when Chuck rejected her and then left..but it was sweet when he came to her apartment..He needs to win some kind of award for his acting in this episode..!!!!

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