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Arrow Review: All Coming Together

great episode! so far, season 2 is looking pretty damn good!

Revenge Review: She'll Handle It

To be honest, I don't even care for the love triangle anymore.
I'm more intrigued about Patrick. Is he really Victoria's son?
What if he's after Conrad, for doing something terrible to him or his loved one?
I hope he doesn't hurt Nolan. Poor guy doesn't deserve his heart to be broken again.
I really like Jack with Margaux. He truly seems to be happy
I also don't believe Conrad bought Charlotte's story. She's really hard to understand in this season.
Miranda, I really enjoyed reading this review!


i cant wait for october 3!!! this is on my top 5 shows

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Favorite Character?

cant pick between victoria and emily.. they are soo different yet so similar.. its hard to explain

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seasn 3commencment date

just a little over a month... cant wait!!!

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Predictions for Season 3

jack is going to be pissed for like the majority of the season, but then somehow he'll team up with ems and then kick some grayson asses

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