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So i have a question for Glee:
Dont get me wrong I luv the show.. but what the hell happened with the rules of the show choir comp's...
In season 1 (THE BACK HALF) Jesse was bragging that Vocal Adrenaline were the national champs.. but they still competed in regionals...
Season 2, regionals No Vocal Adrenaline!!!!! They appeared at Nationals... (was there a secret competion) What the hell was that all about???? did they change the rules and not anouce it... Finchel Rule!!!!

Glee Casts the Changs!

Its cool they are hiring parents.. but Mike has been in all three series only steppin into main plate last season... where are Mr and Mr Berry... all girls will agree one father wheen dating is bad... but two??? Jesse and Finn have gotten off way too lightly at the minute...

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