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Episode: AMAZING! in the first 15 minutes i started to welp because of mercedes not having a man and then i started to welp when rachael and cedes invited sam to the prom. I loved Rachael's cover of Jar of Hearts i was like FINALLLY!! and i didnt like the fight between wit quinn and rachael as much i though i would I mean i wanted to see a real cat fight! i felt sorry for kurt but i felt great for him at the same time! i cried when krofsky apoligized! EPIC.


Oh and its not krofsky because ryan said that he will have an happy ending for him and why the hell would rachael cry for him??? its not any of them because they are dressing up in black for the funeral soo guess again XD


Hey Peeps I GOT HINTS! go to google images and type in glee funeral spoilers pics and imma tell you guys this it not finn, tina, mike chang, artie or santana or Quinn honestly, i dont think its anyone in the club. i do think that it will be something funny like lord tumbletin (brittany's cat) but it can be something very sad like sue's sister OR i saw rachael cry so it may be one of her dad's Or her biological mom which might stop vocal adreneline from going to nationals! and matthew morrison said it's something unexpected soooo I CANT WAIT!!! P.S. let's pray it's not SAM!!!

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Songs from Musicals?!?!?!

I am a TOTAL musical theater nerd, and what i miss sooooo much from glee is performing songs from musicals!!! There is a total difference now!  I liked when the spontaneously burst out of songs from musicals. now all of them are mostly in shows (West Side Story Tribute) And When Lindsay Did Buenos Aires from Evita.  The ONLY excitement this season with broadway musical is with Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do! Now all they perform are crappy pop songs from the 80's that no one knows... no one in my age group for that matter! Im really ticked off about this subject. Its cool that glee is trying to cross over to appeal to a less musical theater cultured audience (no offense) But GLEE should stay true to your ROOTS!!!!

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