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The X Factor Review: The Jackson 7

Astro pisses the hell out of me. I think it is okay, once in a while, to do your own lyrics in parts of a song. Doing it week after week, completely changing the meaning of some of the best songs ever, I think it might means 2 things: either they're hiding his lack of musically by letting him sings his own verses (he always has the same damn rhythm every time he raps. not very original) or he's so full of himself that he doesn't want to sing others songs.
Drew rocked my world once again, Marcus is gold and Melanie is predictable (but very talented, nonetheless)


I'm sure Blair will lose her baby along the way.
Pretty sure it's going to be the most heartbreaking scene in GG's history, but the writters pretty much have not other choice, if they want to break Louis and Blair.


I've been debating with myself whether I was team Delena or Stelena. I enjoy both couples for different reasons.
But that article... holy crap. You should become a lawer.
I'm officialy on team Delena now (even though I might like more their friendship relationship than a love relationship).