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Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Princess Dowry"

1.Definitely the last scn wit Dair when she was saying his name over and over.. Loved it!!!
2.Yes I can and they can keep going!
3.Dair witout a doubt.
4.I always thought she was GG so u never kno.
5.The dress, didn't mind the other 2.
6.William being lola's dad for sure! I knew Cece would pull some crap like that, i could smell that one from mile away and uncle Jack ain't all that interesting to me.
7.Nah.I think she's being genuine all the way in this one, but when she threw them out of the apartment it did make me raise a brow.
Not sure, but i know Ivy will try her hand at being the HBIC!!!

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Cross Rhodes"

1. Dan confronting Chuck about trying to sabotage him and basically leaving him feeling stupid
2.For now he is, until someone blows his cover as being the one who sent that video to gossip girl
3.I liked seeing Chuck in his old character for a bit.He always seemed more sexy to me when he's like this, but he kinda looked a bit desperate here
4.She's ok. The UES has a way of bringing out a person's inner demon so we'll see where it goes
5.Definitely Charlie not bailing when she had the chance! I always knew it would end of like this since she came back wit Serena. She had ample opportunities to leave, which leaves me to wonder y she really stayed
6.Not sure.
7.Rest in Peace CeCe Rhodes.U brought laughter to us and oh how I hope that u somehow find a way to screw wit ur children from the grave.(like leaving a letter stating u knew that Chivy wasn't ur real grand daughter but u left all of ur money to her anyways becuz she was the only one there for u.)Anyways.U'll be missed dearly

Hart of Dixie Review: Lies About Lemon

I don't think the episode was that bad really. I get the point about Zoe not giving Lavon a chance to explain himself. I thought she of all ppl would want to know the details, not just becuz Lavon is supposedly her "best friend" but becuz of her past wit Lemon. Maybe she just saw a chance to finally get wit George seeing as she is constantly denying she has feelings for Wade. I mean come on, I'm all for Wade and her getting together, but my guess is she sees George as the "safe one". Either way, I think this episode was needed in order to really get things going in the show. The wait for the wedding is over, so now a lot of things r going to come out and fast. Let's see who will tell the secret first, Lavon, Zoe or Lemon?