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I liked the season overall, but I had to drop it down a grade because the writers kept Elena and Stefan apart long enough for her to actually fall for Damon, only to have her just ignore it and go back to Stefan in the end ...

The Departed

PS I hope we see Katherine today, now that Klaus is out of commission.


Was I the only one who cried at the look on Klaus' and Stefan's faces while his heart was slowing down? And Elena, she got up all bewildered with absolutely no idea what had happened because no one had been able to fill her in on the plan.

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3.13 Reaction !

Of course Finn has issues, he's been in a coffin for 900 years. Poor guy won't even know who Shakespeare is.Kol wasn't in that much longer than Rebekah was.

I did like Klaus' facial expressions in this episode, but the saddest one had to be his face when he saw his mother walk through the door. He hurt her, and the tears showed us viewers a new side of him, that he was capable of remorse (and/or fear). I also thought Rebekah's face when she saw her was sweet.

But, how did Klaus trap his mother in that coffin, because she didn't look so much like a mummy when the coffin shot open? She's obviously a vampire, surviving 1000 years in a coffin and also attacking Bonnie and her mom probably for blood. But how did she turn? Are we going to get more info next week? The best thing about it is, even Mikael didn't know she was alive.

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Who's the hot vampire Damon wakes up naked to?

Katherine would be the most believable.

I could even see Katherine pulling a Doppleganger hijinx on him, and getting him in trouble with Elena.

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