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I wanted to mention too the best moment was Espo sliding off the car!!


In the episode Jane and Lisbon helicoptered into that bio-research site ... When Jane lied about the virus being released, Lisbon punched him in the nose. Of course, to me that's more something a cop-partner would do than a love-interest.


Since politics-all-the-time in Hollywood is a sore spot with me, maybe I'm seeing something that isn't there, admittedly -- however, I took Fischer's comment as a dig on conservatives, her saying the system worked as being what imagined evil Republicans think, that everybody should be executed for littering or anything and too bad if innocent people die. That is, it sure seems to me that they gratuitously stuck an indefensible opposing viewpoint in -- and my suspicion is that it was politics.

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Glee Season 3 Ratings Down

My point of view is that I'm not so happy with the third season of Glee.  I wondered if ratings were down ... and they are, but still "good," although I'm not sure what that means and couldn't find actual rankings of all shows for all three seasons (meaning were they a top 10 show in the first or second year or a top 50 show out of maybe 80 or 90 total shows?).


I don't know what these articles say (and they suggest difficulties and then suggest the suggestions are phony), but wanted to stick them where other Gleeks might look at them and maybe say something that will help me figure out what I think I can expect of Glee going forward ...


Article: Why Is "Glee" Down In Ratings?



Article: "Glee" Drama - Is Lea Michele Leading a Mutiny?



Los Angeles Times Article: Has 'Glee' lost its grip?

Softening ratings and grumbling over the Fox series' third-season direction are raising questions about its future.,0,2540999.story







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I don't understand something

I think it was the costumes and what the song was about -- but I was never sure either. If no one jumps in to say, maybe you can figure it out by finding the review and comments of that episode, although I'm sure I read them and still don't know (but then sometimes things go right by me). If you didn't notice, in "Home" there are a couple of thousand pages, and maybe you can look under shows and then reviews there.
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The Inconsistency of characters

At the end of the 1st 13 episodes, the characters were all resolved.  those episodes were written to end the show (if the network didn't want any more episodes).  I read after they came back that they "reset" all the characters, since they'd resolved all their initial conflicts.  I think that created then and still creates the inconsistencies because they keep doing it.  Quinn is a bitch, Rachel is overly sensitive and vulnerable, Finn is a dumb jock, etc., etc.

Other shows allow their characters to grow while still solving a crime every week, or healing their patient, or whatever the show is about.  Glee should.

Quinn for instance began to grow as she dealt with her pregnancy to the point that when she asked Scheuster if he thinks she can get it all back, he says, "No, she can get something better."  Why can't they let her?

I guess they want to keep the characters simple so they can plug them in as a stereotype and feature the songs (think about how so many songs are about the different aspects of love and maybe that's why all the partner-drama).

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