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Gossip Girl Review: A Wolf in B's Clothing

I thought that Blair was really funny and the scenes with her and Chuck were so damn cute. "I have my back against a wall, and not in a hot Chuck Bass way". LOL. Hot! Serena is turning into a stuck up b*tch and her storyline is sooo lame. Dan's a douche as usual. And Rufus and Ivy are gross. I wish Ivy would just get lost already. I'm looking forward to seeing Chair scheme together against Bart. Altogether an alright episode but I want more Chair scenes!


Oh my f-ing God! Finally the Chairytale all of us chair shippers have been patiently waiting for! And baby Bass is the icing on the cake! Hope this is not a dream sequence!


As Blair said in season 2 when she caught nate and catherine... Oh my F-ing God! That better be a Baby Bass... Chair shippers dream come true! He looks like a mini Chuck. LOVE IT!!!!

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