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I think Eric is the "God of HOT" not goddess of hotness. Bill is even hot this season with all that confidence and strength of character. He was ok before, just because he was a vamp...LOL but they gave him a stronger, not so sentimental story line. Alittle more ruthless.


My opinion of jessica telling is yes. Because its a boring plot. There is way more the writers can do with those two characters. As for Sam.... I think he is a great actor in a charactor that has possibilities. Get rid of his little brother. I think that character is a waste of good airtime. But Sams character has possibilities. Im not real impressed with the direction its going. Jason is excellent. He brings humor to the show. The guy playing him is an axcellent funny, ding dong jason. I hope the writers bring him out of this stupid "drama" with the tweekers, get rid of crystal and write him back into a funnier storyline. Eric is my favorite. A DEFINATE NOTTER on losing his memory and turning him into a mamby pamby. I would hate to see that happen and may lose interest in watching the show. Nothing is sexier than a excellent looking actor in a part of a confident fearless ruthless yet charming man. He PLAYS THE PART WELL TOO. Please dont turn him into a whimp!!! He is a big part of the show. Bill, I love the way you brought him up to par with Eric in his confident levels. Strength and confidence ....like I said before Pam is straight up excellent. I love the character and she is played by someone who can never be replaced. In my opinion. She is funny and brings alot of personality to the show. Layfette, is the bomb, in a very good way. He also brings alot of personality to the show and the actor could never be replaced in this part.
I do want to add something about the storyline you have taken with Lafayette. So what he is gay! He plays a great gay guy. But...without offending any gay people..... Im fine with gays and gay story lines but watching the kissing and stuff is ....I dont know how else to say it but....Its alittle too much. Cant you have the story without the kissing and stuff. Not everyone is gay and it is alittle to alot "too much" at times. jus sayin. Next...the character that just had the baby can be alittle funny and that storyline is interesting. I dont remember the character that plays her hubby but he is a good actor too. And Sookie....Awsome! period All the tweekers... get rid of them! Waste of airtime and not a good storyline. If your trying to get tweekers to watch, it probably wont happen. They wont sit still long enough! Werepanthers? kinda stupid. needs a lot of work. I would get rid of it completely. The sheriff, ya need a sheriff! Funny how he is strung out on V. LOL
Tara, another excellent actress. Wild where you led her character. I dont know, we will see. I am amazed how you have found such good actors for all of the parts. Bravo! This is my very mnost favorite thing on tv for me. I disconnected my cable a few months back and got it reconnected just so I wouldnt miss True Blood. I rave about this show all the time to my friends and have them watching it too. Thank you for the enjoyment I get from it!!!

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