Chuck+Blair= Magic. Ed/chuck+me=a beautiful bed:D hehe
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Chuck and Raina?

WTF....I seriously can't believe this. chuck doesn't do GIRLFRIENDS but Blair. A hooker..okay. But I'm so sick of these random chicks

Kiss For Chuck

Shoot me

Sinner or Saint?

Blair Waldorf, welcome to 1994. All she needs is some doc martins.
Yet still, she looks beautiful:)

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lol, omg.

He looks freaking hot.

End of story.

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Whyy so short???

Why did the make Blair's bulimia storyline this season so SMALL? No one even noticed. Do you think it will come back next season?

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Bulimia Returned??

I doubt Chuck knows. I'm in recovery from bulimia and I never told my boyfriend. I doubt Blair would because she has so much pride.  In the books everyone knows about her disorder though....odd.

And thanks Beautifulmess for referring me to that clip. I totally see it now. I just wish they had showed it in more detail. Next season maybe?

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