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Lauren Hunter is no substitute for Hetty. I love the show, but if they don't get Hetty back in the fold (and dump Hunter ASAP), it's not going to be the same.

NCIS Review: Baltimore's Finest

Not that I'm particularly keen on the idea of *any* romances on the show, but E.J. is a far far far better partner - romantic or otherwise - for Tony than Ziva ever could be. E.J. doesn't put down Tony on a regular basis. She hasn't physically assaulted him or accused him of murder. She actually seems to like him as a person. Ziva on the other hand frequently seems to treat Tony like something she's scraped off her shoe. Just this season we've heard her practically gush over McGee's and Gibbs's competence as agents when asked by an outsider, but when asked about Tony, she's barely able to say that he's 'competent'. While it's unfortunate that TPTB seem keen to keep Ziva on the scene, I only hope that they have the good sense to keep E.J. around as well.

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