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"...one of this fall's most anticipated new comedies"

I agree with you Rick


the first 2 seasons were great! the 3rd one not so much. This show has changed a lot, but not in a good way. Though, I will continue to watch it because I still have hope that it will get better


All i've been saying after this episode aired was: HOLY F***ING SHIT!!!!
Although, I really wanted him to suffer more. This was nothing compared to what he truly deserved.

PS: you should change the GoT's profile picture above as only 10 out of the 17 characters are currently alive.

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think i know who A is (Spoilers)

what the hell happened in the last few pages of this post.. its like spam invasion..

it probably was A

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Who should appear!? And who should comeback in Season 3!?

im looking forward to bandit snow

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Theory: Ariel and Eric are Hook's Parents

remind me who's eric?

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