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what an episode!! I can't even count how many times my jaw dropped in this episode.
Honestly, I knew that the shooting was going to be staged when I first saw Sinclair's body in the ground. I had a feeling that the shooter was going to be either Laurel, Bonnie, or Wes (in that order). I knew Connor and Michaela were going to chicken out (although I was surprised that Connor almost did). I had Laurel at the top of my list because she thinks like Annalise and she would follow whatever Annalise tells her to do. Bonnie, like Laurel, would do what Annalise tells her to do and she wouldn't hesitate in doing that because of what happened to her 2-3 episodes ago. Wes was on my list because I knew he would find out about Rebecca (I didn't think Annalise would tell him though).. But because he killed Sam last season, I didn't think he would be the "killer" again.
They didn't show us tonight that douchebag went to jail to make a confession like they showed us in one of the episodes.
Also, for some reason I think his mom had something to do with his dad's "suicide". IDK but I felt like she was pretending when she was talking to him. After that is revealed, that'll probably make Annalise feel a little better? AHHHH!! February can't come soon enough!!

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

i think it was a lil too cheesy for me.. it wasn't so bad or so great. however I will watch a couple of more episodes to see if I want to watch the rest.


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