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Excited to see Meredith and Bailey working together again! They are a great team! Hope that they will sort everything out and just work together.
And can I say that I love that we are getting a love making scene between MerDer. Feels so long ago!

Grey's Anatomy Review: Batter Up!

OMG, I LOVED this episode! The cases were good, the game was hilarious and Love that Alex stood up for MerDer to get Zola.
My favorite moment : the end scene with MerDer and Alex, loveeeed that Mer gave Alex a little kiss. There friendship is unique and soo wonderful!
This is classic Grey and I Love It!
Great work Shonda!

Rookie Blue Review: Crash & Burn?

@Tanner1511 I was thinking the same thing ;-). I too was hoping for a kiss. Maybe it will happen in the next episode !