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In Plain Sight Review: And We Hope...

I liked the episode last night because it was more like the original show that I fell in love with. I never saw or felt a sexual tension between Mary and Marshall to me it felt more like a brother/sister. Where did I miss that Mary is pregnant? Unfortunately, I have to say that I noticed the actress had that mole removed from her lip during the hiatus and now she talks funny and her facial expressions don't add up to what her character is saying. It is really annoying to me because she will be attempting to smile and it comes out all weird/jokerish looking. Plus it seems that the camera crew focuses on it more than they should.

Army Wives Review: "Command Presence"

I have to say I really think it is going to be Michael or Trevor who dies in the next episode. They are playing too much towards it might be Chase or Jeremy so that is why it makes me think it is going to be Michael or Trevor. Remember Trevor said he didn't need the stuff from home to worry him since he is in such a dangerous area. I am pushing more towards Michael because I think they want to start something permanent between Harry Hamlin's character and Claudia Joy.

House Review: Two (Terrible) Stories

I have to say that this whole season has been a disappointment to me. Did they change writers with those fired from some long dead day time soap? I am really against the Cuddy/House relationship because now House has none of the "bitterness" that he had to begin with that drew me to the show. Cuddy is now written as a whiny, sniveling, jump into bed at every chance, "gotta have my man" baby instead of the strong, independent woman that she was originally portrayed to be. I wish that they would break up the couple and bring back the good story lines. I want to see the old House!!!!!!

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