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I completely agree. I never liked Derek until the Izzie cancer plot in season five. Aaaand now he's back to where he started. Meredith deserves better.

ABC Axes Six Shows

They canceled Detroit 1-8-7 in favor of Charlie's Angels? Le sigh.


Based on the preview, I don't believe it is Derrick that moves out. The bed shown looked like a single, but, cut and edit is a magic thing.
Maybe when SR said they'd stay together, she meant it. Couples can have rough patches and fights and silent treatments but still make it through.
I hope Cristina and Owen stay together, he's one of the only male characters I actually like on this show.
I hope Teddy does go to Germany. Just when I started liking her, she's again being written in a way that I can't help but dislike her.
Alex, alex, alex.